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Click here to download the Owner's Manual for the BBQ

The Pool Rules are below. Click here to download a pdf copy of the rules:  Pool Rules Updated April 2012

Pool and Pool Common Area Hours are 8 AM to 9 PM. 

The use of the Fieldstone pool and pool areas is a privilege for those who own or rent units within the Fieldstone Association properties. Living in a community association carries with it certain responsibilities including following the rules and regulations set forth by the Board of Directors.  

The Fieldstone Pool and Pool Common Area Rules have been approved by the Fieldstone Board. If all who are entitled to use the pool abide by the rules, each of us in our community can enjoy our facility safely. Pool privileges may be revoked for rule violations.

Please read these Pool Rules carefully. Be sure your family, guests and tenants fully understand and follow them. If you have questions, please contact the Fieldstone Board of Directors (contact information on Bulletin Board and on our website,www.fieldstonemurphys.com.) 

No Lifeguard Is On Duty.   Lifeguard service is not provided at any time. Anyone using the recreational facilities shall do so at their own risk, responsibility and liability.  It is recommended that individuals do not use the facilities alone. The ‘buddy’ system is recommended for all swimmers at all times. 

A Resident may write a description of the violation to Board of Directors via mail or email. The complainant must provide the reporting party’s name, name or address of the rule offender, the date, time, rule violated, and location. 

Any Fieldstone representative may report the violation to the Board of Directors.  

Pool Use Rules

1)    Resident Pool Passes:  All households will be given Resident Pool Passes for each Resident living in the household. 

2)    Guest Passes:  There are two types of Guest Passes:

Daily Guest Passes:  Each Resident household will be given 4 Daily Guest Passes which Guests must have in their possession to enter the Pool/BBQ Area.  Any Guests, including Overnight Guests, may use these Passes.

Overnight Guest Passes:  If a Resident has visitors coming from out of the area and staying at the Resident’s home, they may apply for Overnight Guest Passes.  The Resident must obtain these passes prior to the visitors arriving by contacting Bonny Thrower at bowesdog@aol.com, 209-728-2191 or 707-738-6766 and giving her the dates of stay and the names of the Overnight Guests.  

Residents must accompany their Guests at all times when using the Pool/BBQ Patio Area.  Exception: If the Resident would like their Overnight Guests to be able to use the Pool/BBQ Area without the Resident present, the Resident must notify Bonny Thrower at bowesdog@aol.com, 209-728-2191 or 707-738-6766 prior to the guest’s arrival, giving her the dates of stay and the names of the Overnight Guests.  

Each resident is responsible for their Guests complying with all the applicable rules and requirements at all times

3)  Sign in Process:  Each Resident and Guest must have their Pass in their possession when entering the Pool/BBQ Patio Area, and must hang their pass on the Address Board upon entering.  In addition, each Resident must sign in on the Pool Usage Sheet when they enter the Area.

4)    Persons under the age of 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.

5)    All incontinent persons (whether infants, toddlers, children, or adults) must wear a diaper, plastic pants, and a swimsuit while using the pool.

6)    The pool gate is for entry and exit only and my not be “propped” open.  Climbing over the fence to enter or exit the pool area is strictly prohibited.

7)    No Diving into the pool (head first).

8)    No running, pushing or “horseplay” in the pool area.

9)    Only gear/sports equipment specifically for pools is allowed in the Pool Area; no Frisbees, bicycles, skates, skate boards, roller blades, scooters, or other gear not designed for pools are allowed.

10) No pets of any kind.

11) No smoking in the Pool Patio Area.

12) Never throw foreign objects or substances into the pool.

13) Never play with safety equipment which has been provided for emergency use only.

14) Remove your own trash when leaving the Pool Patio Area (trash bags are provided).

15) No glass containers of any type or sharp objects allowed except in designated areas.

16) Only a CD player/MP3 with ear buds or ear phones are allowed in Pool Patio Area.

17) Intoxicated persons are prohibited from using or being in close proximity to the pool.

18) Open swim time is from 8 am – 9 pm.