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Any person proposing to construct or alter any part of the exterior of a property (i.e. patio covers, awnings, satellite dishes), shall first obtain approval in writing from the Fieldstone Board before taking any such action

Link to Application form:
pdf copy of form:  Architectural Improvement Application
Word copy of form:  Architectural Improvement Application  

Reminder from the Fieldstone Board

Each homeowner has received a copy of the Declaration of Restrictions, also known as the CC&Rs, including amendments to the CC&Rs approved in October, 2008. It is important that you read and understand the provisions of Article 11- Architectural Control and Planning Committee (approximately 6 pages).

It is important to read Section 11.03 Matters Requiring Committee Approval with respect to the changes to the exterior that require a request to be submitted, essentially any change (in design or color) from the original construction. Section 11.04 describes the submittal and review process.

An official request submittal form is available for download above and must be used to formalize a request and provide for tracking the review status. The completed form and any supporting material must be submitted to the Fieldstone Board.

Note also that Section 6.03 of the CC&Rs contains restrictions of use, some of which require Board approval. Of particular note is Section 6.03 (S) which states that any antenna, including a satellite TV dish, should be installed so as not to be visible from the street. Satellite dishes must be placed in such a way as to minimize their visual appearance. Fieldstone has a certified satellite installer who installs both Direct TV and Dish networks. This installer is the only provider who can install the satellite dishes in accordance with the Fieldstone CC&R requirements. This is a local provider selected based on their ability to meet our needs. They are Sierra Satellite of Sonora, phone number 209-588-1900.