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Front Porch:
Only garden or deck furniture and plant décor are allowed on the front porch.  No barbecue equipment, bicycles or  storage units are allowed there.

"Front yards" are defined as landscaping areas that are serviced by the drip irrigation system managed and operated by the Association. Landscaping in the front yards of the homes is owned and maintained by the Fieldstone Owners Association (FOA). Residents may not add or remove plants of any type in these areas. No garden decor may be placed in the front yard that restricts the maintenance of the area.

The FOA gardener maintains the drip irrigation system. Valves controlling landscaping irrigation are locked to prevent them from being operated by persons other than our landscaping contractors. As the water to your home supplies these valves, please do not turn off the water to your homes during non-winter (March - November) months.

You may landscape your rear yard. No vines may be attached to the exterior; any rear structures must not be visible to the street front or obstruct your neighbors' view. You are responsible for removing dead grasses to limit fire hazards.

Weeds and debris must be cleared from the view of the street.

Approval for Landscaping Changes:
No changes of landscaping to "front yards" will be allowed without approval of the Fieldstone Board. These rules apply to any visual area that can be seen from the street or by a neighbor. For finer definition, please consult the CC&Rs.

Any hardscape changes to the landscape such as awnings sheds and fences must be approved by the Fieldstone Board. Proposed changes must be submitted in writing.

For Link to Application for Architectural Review Form, see Architectural Improvements page