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Chair: Cathy Stroup, 209-858-8551, catski327@att.net
Members: Kevin McWeeney, Nikki McWeeney, Lauren Womack, Phyllis Manford, Marisol Penaloza

  • Description of the Social Committee: The Social Committee promotes friendship and fellowship among Fieldstone residents through special events. These events are planned and scheduled by the committee members. Event budgets are presented to the board for approval. Budgeted items are purchased locally. All set up and clean up is managed by this committee. Approved by the Board 5/20/17

Chair: Vacant
Members: Gale St. John, Elson St. John, Carolyn Anctil

  • Description of the Communications Committee: The Communications Committee makes recommendations to the Board regarding the Association's communications with owners, residents and others.  The Committee undertakes tasks as directed by the Board.  Currently, the Committee is responsible for: (1) maintaining the Association's website; (2) maintaining the membership list for the Association's Google group; (3) maintaining the Association's bulletin board; (4) using the Association's email account to send out notices of Board meetings and other notices as directed by the Board; (5) publishing an annual directory of owners and residents; and (6) making official mailings to owners or residents as directed by the Board. Approved by the Board 5/20/17