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Landlords and renters are required to abide by the CC&Rs.  Click here to go to page that has current CC&Rs.

Landlords must immediately notify the Fieldstone Board (contact info for Board is on the Board Meetings page) of new renters upon change of occupancy. 

No short-term or vacation rentals (under 30 days) are allowed.

Below is a summary of some of the most important rules we ask landlords to convey to their renters.  This helps avoid conflict between residents and possible enforcement action against the landlord.  Click here for a copy of the enforcement policy: Fieldstone Enforcement Policy

• Parking is allowed on one side of the street only and within designated spaces.
•  No overnight or long-term street parking.
  Garages must be cleared enough so that Residents’ vehicles may be parked there overnight. Other uses, such as for a business or a recreational area, should they create an inabilityto use the garage for parking vehicles, are not allowed.
•  Guests may park in the pool area parking spaces. No long-term parking allowed.
•  Common shared driveways must be kept clear, no parking allowed. An exception is granted if vehicle is longer than garage, AND neighbor that shares the driveway agrees.
  No parking of mobile homes, boats or trailers.
  There is a 25 mph speed limit in the community.  

•  Occupants may make no changes to the home exterior unless Owner has received written approval from the Fieldstone Board. Changes requiring such approval include refinishing or recoloring of any exterior,solar energy installations, patio covers, awnings, satellite dishes, placement of accessory buildings.
•  Any proposed changes should be submitted in writing using the Architectural Improvement Application, available from any board member or on our website.
  Window Coverings: the color and character of window covers visible from the street shall be natural wood, white or off-white.  
See the Architectural Changes page for more information.

•  Satellite dishes are allowed, but only if placed in such a way as to minimize their visual appearance. Application to the Fieldstone Board is required.
•  Fieldstone has a certified satellite installer who installs both DirectTV and Dish networks.  This installer is the only provider who can install the satellite dishes in accordance with the Fieldstone CC&R requirements. They are Sierra Satellite of Sonora, phone 209 588-1900.

•  No changes of landscaping will be allowed without approval of the Board.  This includes shrubs, trees, and garden ornaments such as birdbaths, statuaries and signs. These rules apply to any visual area that can be seen from the street or by a neighbor.
•  Only garden or deck furniture and plant décor are allowed on the porches. 
•  No porch shades are allowed without the express approval of the Fieldstone Board.  

•  The Pool Rules are posted on the community bulletin board at the pool, and are available here: Fieldstone Pool Rules.
•  Pool and BBQ Area is open from 8AM to 9PM.
•  Each home has a Pool Pass for every Resident, plus 4 Guest Passes.  Residents must sign in, and must accompany Guests when they are using the Pool/BBQ area.
•  Either Owner OR Renter may use the pool, not both.
•  If a Unit is rented, Pool rules must be posted in the Unit in a visible place. Pool keys are not to be duplicated or loaned out.
•  In Pool/BBQ Area:  No glass outside designated areas, no smoking, no running, no diving, no audible music. You may use devices such as MP3’s with earphones.
•  All incontinent persons (whether infants, toddlers, children, or adults) must wear a diaper, plastic pants, and a swimsuit while using the pool.
•  Persons under 14 must be accompanied by an adult 18 years or older.
•  No pets are allowed inside the pool enclosure or BBQ area.  

•  Dogs in Fieldstone must be kept on leash whenever off Resident’s lot.
•  Pet owners must ‘pick up' after their pets.
•  Each Owner is not to exceed two of any combination of cats or dogs. No breeding of animals is allowed. Birds and fish may be kept, if confined to a cage or aquarium.  

GARAGE SALES.  A limit of two is permitted within any 12-month period.  

NOISE and NUISANCES.  Please be respectful of your neighbors and your neighborhood. Activities, noises and uses are prohibited which are noxious, illegal or offensive; or which cause a disturbance to Occupants in the quiet enjoyment of their Lots.  

RENTALS.  No short-term or vacation rentals (under 30 days) are allowed.  

OTHER USES.  Fieldstone is a residential community with limitations on the space for operating a business on the premises. Consult the CC&Rs for those details.

DISCIPLINE.  The Association may temporarily suspend an Owner’s rights as a member, (including swimming pool privileges), levy monetary penalties and fines and take other action for failure to comply with the Association Rules and Governing Documents.

Updated 12-11-2009