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Note: Answers here are a general guideline. The official Fieldstone documents, such as the CC&Rs, should always be your final reference. Click here for a copy of the Fieldstone CC&Rs.

How much are the monthly dues?
As of January 1, 2018, monthly dues are $285/month. They are due on the first day of the month.

How do I pay the monthly dues?
Make check payable to: Fieldstone Owners Association, 344 Fieldstone Drive, Murphys CA 95247. OR, set up a monthly direct debit/funds transfer to Fieldstone Owners Association.

Can I make changes to my Front Yard landscaping?
The "Front Yard" landscaping is maintained by the Association.  No changes of Front Yard landscaping is allowed by Owners or Residents without approval of the Board. "Front Yard" typically includes front and side yards: the CC&Rs define "Front Yard" as landscaping areas that are serviced by the drip irrigation system that is managed and operated by the Association. For more information, please see the Landscaping page, and consult the CC&Rs.

When do I have to go to the Board for changes I plan to make to my home's exterior?
Whenever you plan to construct or alter any part of the exterior of a property (for example: patio covers, awnings, satellite dishes, solar panels, accessory buildings, drainage, fencing, anything attached to fence or building, greenhouses), you must first obtain approval in writing from the Board before taking any such action. Consult the CC&Rs for more information.

What kind of shade can I install on my porch?
In the past, the Board has approved an easy to install, cream colored, vertical solar shade for your front porch, called Easy Shade.  The shade is made by SunSetter and is at times on sale at Costco.  You can also view it on their website, www.sunsetter.com

Can I install a satellite dish?
Satellite dishes are allowed, but only if placed so that they are not visible or are minimally visible from the street or other Lots. Fieldstone has a certified satellite installer who installs both Direct TV and Dish networks. This installer is the only provider who can install the satellite dishes in accordance with the Fieldstone CC&R requirements. They are Sierra Satellite of Sonora, phone number 209-588-1900.

Are they any restrictions on window coverings?
Yes: please review the CC&R section on Window Coverings.

Why do I run out of hot water when I fill my large bath tub.
The large bath tubs hold more water than the water heaters, even the larger water heaters.  For best results, fill the tub with as much pure hot water as you can get from your heater and then add cold water to suit your desired temperature.

How can I protect my exterior pipes from freezing? 
To protect from freezing those vulnerable pipes in front of your house, DO NOT USE TOWELS or other unsightly materials!  Easy-to-use dark-colored pipe insulation material is available at the hardware store to easily, attractively wrap exterior pipes.

My air conditioning doesn't seem to be sufficient to cool my house.  What do I do?
Some homeowners have opted to install attic fans and/or add attic ceiling insulation as a less expensive way to improve their home cooling.  Some have replaced their units with larger or more efficient ones.

What are the rules for using the Pool?
Link to current Pool Rules:  Pool Rules.  Note:  Anyone using the Pool or Barbecue area must be in possession of a Pool Resident Pass or Guest Pass. The Pass must be hung on the Address Board. Resident must accompany guests, and Resident must sign in for themselves and guests  on the clipboard.  Children under 14 years old must be accompanied by an adult 18 years old or older.

What if I lose my Pool Guest Pass or my pool key?
To obtain new Passes or pool keys, contact Kim Smith at kpollardsmith@gmail.com or 209-770-3363.  There is a $25 charge for replacing lost keys.